Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care

We provide a lawn mowing service thats fits around your requirements and can offer the following:


  • One off cuts

  • weekly, fortnightly or monthly contracts

  • Lawn care treatments

  • Edging


We can cater for small to medium lawns using our own equipment however for large lawns we can use your equipment if required. 


We can Keep your lawn in tip top condition using both chemical and organic products.

Hedge Trimming

Kirkby Garden & Pest Control Services will always clear up after themselves, even sweeping pavements and driveways as needed.  Unfortunately due to licensing and charges at council recycling centres we cannot dispose of any green waste. 


For our hedge cutting service we can schedule our visits as often as you need to keep your hedge in tip top condition throughout the year. We would recommend trimming hedges and bushes at least once a year, but this also depends upon the type of hedge maybe twice but again this could be more frequent.


Keeping your hedges and shrubs in top top condition will not only improve the look of your own garden but also the area as a whole.  We always operate under your directions and will always endeavour to complete any job based on your requirements. Kirkby Garden & Pest Control Services offer a complete hedge cutting and pruning service throughout the year.


Kirkby Garden & Pest Control Services provide an outdoor fence and outbuilding painting service.  So why not brighten up your garden with a bit of colour and preserve your wood.


We can paint your fence, shed, stables, summerhouse, outbuilding etc with your own purchased products or we can supply child and pet friendly, professional quality, paints that are quick drying and long lasting.

All moss and algae is cleaned prior to painting using safe and environmentally friendly products.

Weed Control

Yellow dandelion flowers with leaves in

Weeds are a menace in any garden and start to grow in very early spring.  Left to their own devices they can quickly spread and can successfully compete with cultivated plants in your borders and lawns. 

In borders weeds can be controlled through hoeing and hand weeding, digging out, applying a mulch or planting ground cover.

Patios, graveled areas and drives can be weeded using systematic weed killers.

The above are just some of the services we provide.  I f you have something in mind then please ask.